Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Possible Fake Pokémon Platinum Alert!

Hey all.

It's been a while since I have posted anything on here but I have been pre-occupied with coursework and exams, now that they are out of the way I decided to make a post however, rather than the usual review or some form of in game information, this is about a Counterfeit version of Pokémon Platinum I received the this morning from Amazon Market.

First I would like to note that the copy I was sent has not been opened and thus I haven't tried the game. But the box is such a glaring give away that this is a bootleg copy of the game I didn't need to get that far before figuring it out.

Bellow are the Fronts, Backs and Spines of the cases of my Copy, and the official US box, The seller says that his distributors claim this is a US version of the game and thus the bax art is different. Personally I call bull but this person claims that he was unaware so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt as he has agreed to refund my item. I'd like to note that the images of the scans of the fake are a bit crap in quality but I did what i could.



At first glance, it does look like an official copy and if I am honest it made me re-consider at first but after noticing that the blue Wi-Fi logo was missing from the box, I grew semi-suspicious. the fact that the holofoil effect used on the game is of rather poor quality in comparison to that of an official copy and that of the previous titles.



For me this was the major give away for multiple reasons:

1) The box layouts are completely different from each other.
2) re-use of old sprites and images which is quite common with bootlegs, in this case the image of the male trainer from Pokemon Fire-Red and Leaf-Green is present instead of the D/P trainers.
3) Official Nintendo Seal is of a dark gold colour unlike the other Pokémon games and all other Nintendo games for that matter.
4) The game states that it is 2-4 players with download play, however the official box states that it is 2-8 players and multi-card (all DS's needing their own copy of the game)
5) The game synopsis on the box is completely different to that of the official one and talks more like a small review rather than a game overview.



There is not really that must to say, the spine is rather small but even still there are some obvious faults with this box to back up my accusation of calling this a fraud. For starters, the logo and game name, the Official one has the game logo on the left with the title of the right next to it, where as the fake one lacks the title and is centralized. Also note the colour of the spine, the Official one keeping some of that holofoil effect used on the front and a slight variation in colour as for the fake one, it is just plain black, no effects, nothing.

Well that's all for today, I'm pretty pissed off that I was sent this pathetic excuse for a real game but I will take the owners word for the time being that he was unaware and see how the refund goes. If you would like to input anything or perhaps make any suggestions feel free to comment bellow.

Until next time, take it easy all.


  1. *Update*
    I got the money refunded. Hurrah!

  2. Just stumbled on this update while checking out why my game kept freezing. Thanks for your help!

  3. Glad I could be of service. :)

  4. Hey
    Thanks for this post
    I ordered this bootleg version unwittingly from Hong Kong, as I thought £7.99 was a bargain.

    It looks exactly like the one you just posted, except it has R/S/E character sprites instead.
    Same shoddy spine cover though.

    Going to ask for a refund, as my 70 hours of gameplay was just erased from a crash...

  5. I just got a bootleg copy to :( it looks like a hybrid of the fake you show and the real one. It has the coloring issue the instruction book is really poor quality its just a terrible fraud. Hopefully b*tching to amazon will get it fixed


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