Friday, 20 March 2009

Top 5: N64

Hello and welcome to my first Top 5 post, I've decided I will be doing these every now and then, and for my first entry into this new idea I will start with one of my favorite consoles, the N64 by Nintendo. in today's topic I am going to discuss my top 5 games for the console and why.

Number 5
Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart 64 is considered one of the best Mario Kart games out to this day, The game sported a variation of 2d and 3d graphics from 2d sprites on 3d courses. Mario Kart 64 was a beast of a game in my eyes, though the game sported no unlockable characters and only several actual extras the game was good at what it did, being Maro Kart. As a rule of thumb for me I always choose the bulky and larger characters so as you can imagine I was often playing as Bowser or Donkey Kong. The games variation of courses was fantastic and majority of the good courses would get a revival later on in Mario Kart Wii and would also be added to the library of games on the Wii Virtual Console. Whilst being the first game I got for the N64 it was not my favorite as I generally turn away from the racing genre of games unless it's a Mario Kart game and every now and then F-Zero.

Number 4
Super Mario 64

Another Mario title and one of the few games that when adapted to 3d was still playable, Mario 64 was one of the best Mario games out to this day in my eyes. Mario 64 had a massive selection of levels and i still haven't completed it fully even now (I have 114 starts) but the shear volume of content that was in this game was untrue. Though it is obvious that the game has it fair share of bugs (Super jumping to bypass walls and what not) at the time it did not matter and the game still felt and played like a Mario game. Though I personally thought that Mario Galaxy was better than this game, the difference in time obviously plays a factor but still, as far as 3d games go this is one of the best.

Number 3
Golden Eye

Now I know what some of you might be thinking? An actual good 007 game? Well yes it is the best 007 game ever made. Despite my loathing of the 007 series this game was a fantastic FPS and probably one of my favorites still, the game featured all the characters from the film plus some extras and unlockables such as jaws and oddjob. the levels are large and the scenes were bright and welcoming for their time. Again i generally steer clear of the endless horde of Medal of Honor games that is the FPS genre today but this game is one of the few FPS's I have played and said "Wow this is awesome" and another reason why this game rocks other than it's great multiplayer? the Golden Gun, never has been in control of such a balance breaking item been so much fun, just one shot from this bad boy anywhere on your body and your a goner, even in the foot and your ass is dead.

Number 2
Super Smash Brothers

Super Smash Brothers is one of my personal favorites, I remember buying this game from Blockbuster's back in the day and i remember hearing about the game through the Pokémon website (Because Pikachu was in the game) and happened to come by it whilst looking around. SSB is what you may call a 2.5D fighter, the game's characters and stages are done in a 3D design but the engine is built on a purely 2D axis. The game consists of 8 characters from various Nintendo franchises and 4 unlockable characters, for those who want to know the characters are: Mario, Link, Pikachu, Samus, Fox, Kirby, Yoshi and Donkey Kong with the 4 unlockable characters being: Luigi, Jigglypuff, Captain Falcon and Ness. The games is utterly bizarre and though it does not take as much skill as your other fights such as Street Fighter and King of Fighters, the game is just out and out fun to play with your friends whether just for shits and giggles, or for a bit of a competitive game it filled the bill for both.

Number 1
Conker's Bad Fur day

Other that SBB, this is probably the most played game on my N64, originally designed as a kids game under the guise of Conker: the twelve tails, the lead designer (who's name escapes me I'm afraid) decided to fuck the norm and make Conker's Bad Fur Day. What does the game include? Well if jumping up and down on the giant knockers of a female sunflower, pissing on devils, clapping the balls of a big bollocked boiler with bricks, numerous encounters with Gregg the Grim Reaper, fighting a singing giant turd, killing a giant cave man by using a raptor to eat his arse, going to war with the Nazi based Tediz and finishing the game with a climactic battle with the Queen Alien then look no further! Though at the time I was enthralled by the fact there was a swearing squirrel, the main thing that kept me and my friends coming back for more was the oddly addictive multi player in the game, sure there was balance issues but at that time I didn't care for that and that's what made this game my favorite N64 game


  1. My cousins had a N64 and I always loved going round and playing it, especially Goldeneye and MarioKart. I remember last time I went there we got it out and were playing Bomberman! Well fun!

  2. Awesome stuff comrade, Bomberman 64 was also another game that saw a lot of play here, Making people dizzy by throwing bombs on them and then throwing them of the course was always fun XD.

  3. My brother always played Goldeneye. I used to sit and watch for hours ha


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