Friday, 4 September 2009

Something is awry.... WHERE'S MY FUCKING BOOK!

Hey again everyone. Well it's time for another blog I guess.

Well not much has happened so far, I guess I am getting better from being ill which is a bonus, on Monday I am going to sign on the Rock 'n' Roll but hopefully taking a course in order to become a doorman which I have wanted to do for some years now so that should be cool if all goes according to plan.

As for what is awry, it's been nearly a month and a half now and my Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 10# is nowhere to be seen! I ordered it along with vols 11# & 12# which I currently have sat on my shelf waiting to be read but can't as I haven't read 10... well I could but that kind of defeats the objective really, I could have just found the last issue and read the ending and saved myself about 15 books but you know how this shit works. A friend of mine also showed me a link to some website that had all the scans on but I can't read for long at a screen, it sends my eyes funny and what not and you don't get the same feel when you have the actual thing in front of you.

Speaking of manga, I've recently acquired a copy of Street Fighter Alpha 1# from Sheffield Space Center, so that 2# is no longer sat redundantly on my shelf anymore. Like most street fighter based media, it's a load of bollocks really despite my dedication as a fan boy I know when Capcom are spewing more shit. If it wasn't for the fact that they can't get their dick out of Ryu and Ken it would be alright but no, even this book is based on them. I get the idea that they are the main characters, but I mean why always them too? It's not as if the story changes that much either, I mean this is roughly it:

And that's about it for all of the mangas. I mean they don't even develop the other characters they create. Street Fighter alpha manga focuses on Ryu, with hints of Chun li, Ken and Charlie, they defeat shadowloo, blah blah blah, Street Fighter 2 Manga, same thing, but replace Charlie with Guile. Street Fighter 3 manga, Basically add a few new faces here and their and keep the whole Ryu Vs. Akuma story going for another series of books. As much as I appreciate street fighter, come the fuck on! It's been the same fucking story for 20 bastardizing years.

They have started the Street Fighter 2: Turbo comics, basically street fighter 2 story again, but with a few cameo's from fan faves such as the Final Fight crew but ultimately that useless bitch Sakura weasels her way into the plot and somehow doesn't get the living piss kicked out of her. Even the new characters only make appearances via cameo as they were not in the Turbo storyline originally, but yet Sakura manages to snag a main roll?! Sometimes I feel like a right stupid prick buying the comics and stuff as it's just the same thing over and over again, They started an SF IV comic, and already Sakura has probably had more lines than all of the newcomers. I know I am ranting about Sakura, but it's the main fact that they don't develop any of their new characters, look at SF3, yea it was a new cast bar Ryu and Ken, but look how under developed they all are. What is the most you know about Dudley? Oh he's a British Boxer who has is dads car.... Yea that's about it. But surely you know about Alex right? The New Yorker who wants to avenge his friend Tom's injuries, that's right he didn't even die, he got wounded and Alex was pissed!

Anyway back to my original point, even in the turbo comics they fail to put the new characters is, sure they are not about at this point... well some of them, In a small section about Fei Long, Rufus can be seen in a crowed of fans at the debut of Fei's new film but that's it... I guess my point is that they just don't develop their characters enough. The only characters with any real development are Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Guile and Chun Li... Oh and Sakura. Yea they might not have had enough time to fully build upon their new characters, but look at all the old ones that went to shit, there is enough of them.

Well that's enough about Street Fighter... Infact that's enough for blogging for tonight, I need to sleep for the morrow.

Rario out.