Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Oregon Trial (Apple II version)

Hello and welcome to another one of my blog/rambling about games in some way or form.

This time we are going to look at Oregon Trail for the Apple II series computers. The only reason I am reviewing this game is because a friend of mine from Scarborough suggested it and I can truly say it is worth mentioning.

Lets start with some background information, it was made in 1986 by The Learning Company, well the port was released then, I believe the first ever version was made in 1971... and that's about all the background information I have about this game.

The game is starts with you being asked what is the name of the wagon leader and his wife and three children, after this step is complete you buy some supplies for the journey begins. Upon beginning your journey you are greeted with a travel interface which represents how fast you are going, how far away the next landmark is, what day it is, rations and other things that might be useful. the goal of the game is to make sure you and all of your family make it to Oregon safe and sound, however it's not always so simple, will you ration enough food to make it there? is there enough clothing for everyone? how ofter do you need to stop for rest? all these things must be taken into consideration when playing this game.

Now if I am honest, playing this game properly can be rather tedious as you are literally watching a sprite of oxen pulling a wagon whilst figures change at the bottom of the screen, but you can make this game enjoyable by seeing how much of a jerk you can be and kill everyone in the process! and here is how!:

1) Over work your yokes of oxen, make them wish they had never been born!

2) Set rations to a minimum, you want to preserve your money for ammo, because shooting things is awesome.

3) Don't stop for injuries, remember you're trying to get somewhere.

4) Fording the river is the best option 100% of the time, if someone dies or items are lost in the process, then they weren't cut out for the journey in the first place.

5) Remember, you run this wagon so rule it with an iron fist and take crap from no one, not even your son who has 2 broken legs and typhoid a week into your journey due to negligence.... I mean coincidence.

For why this makes the game entertaining? well for me any game where I am given to much power over something I find it to be the ideal playground to be a jerk. Games like Black & White are perfect for this too.

Overall, the game is what you make of it really, from my own view the game is fun if you run your wagon like a tyrant, but pretty dull otherwise. Oh they have also made a remake on the iPhone with new features and graphics, could be worth a gander.

As for those who might be wondering what happened in my journey to Oregon? This should say it all...

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  1. This is fucking ace, even funnier is that way you ran it into the ground with an iron fist.


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