Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Yargh it be here!

Hello and welcome to the first Blog that Jerks built

I am Richard, but i am known by a few names, Ric, Rario, Rikgief, or whatever it is you would like to call me.

In short i am going to start a blog about video games and gaming in general, in this blog i hope to talk about up coming titles, reviews of new and old games video and table-top as well as other things that interest me on the side.

Before i start i think i will give a brief introduction about myself. I am from the U.K. my hobbies are gaming (who'd have guessed?!), collecting action figures and game memorabilia ...... i really should get some more hobbies. Anyhow i an currently enrolled in the University of Scarborough on a business degree though recently things are in the air as well as being boring so i won't waste your time whining about it. I have recently got myself a XBox 360 and i also own a Wii along with other consoles (SNES, Megadrive, PS1, PS2, GB/GBC/GBA/SP and others), I am a Nintendo fan at heart but i try to keep my opinions as un-biased as possible.

well anyway i think that is enough information for now, as for what to come? well i have been playing Vivá Pináta on the 360 and i think i might write a review in the next few days, also will share some information on SF4 in the process hopefully before it's release (i got to play an open demo at an expo in a local shopping outlet) and on the same subject a review of SF4 itself when it comes out. I will talk about many other things, but for now these will do.

Many thanks for reading my blog, i hope you enjoyed it and stay for more when i write them.


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