Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Street Fighter 4 Demo

Hey hey, i know i wrote this one a bit hastily but i figure with the game coming out in less that 3 days i should get this up whilst it is still fresh in my mind and so forth. so here it is the SF4 demo i was talking about. Here are some images curtsy of my brother for taking these photos against an old friend of mine i hadn't seen for a few years until we finished our match and realized it was him. anyway the pic at the top is me after winning a round against him, he was playing as Ken and i was playing as Zangief, i am the one with the mohawk on the left.

Anyhow more about what actually happened, how me and my brother came across this Expo was by total luck and lucky we were, he was taking me home after a night at his co-incidentally playing SF3 and we decided to stop by Meadowhall on the way back and in the window i saw a flier simular to the 'Super Smash Brothers Brawl: Showdown' one they had in the window when SSBB was released so i instantly asumed they would be having a tornament soon, anyway me and my brother enquired about it and the gent there explained that it was advertising for a demo of the game further down the mall, i think it was the first time i ran in about 2 years XD.

the stipulations for playing were simple and allowed crowed rotation so all players could get a turn, winner stays on for a maximum of 3 rounds, if you win 3 rounds you won a T-Shirt (Concept are of Ryu, Ken, Chun-li and Blanka, there may have been more but that's all they had at the stand). I am not one for boasting but i consider myself half decent at Street Fighter 2 and alright at Street Fighter 3 so SF4 seemed a bit more natural and i won a shirt within my first 3 games and i took a Ryu one (no Zangief shirts) and my brother won a Ken shirt.

The crowed of people there was great too, there was some great players and some rather new players and even people who had never played street fighter until that day. I met a few people who played regularly and ended up geting information of some of them to talk again later, overall a friendly and accepting crowed, apart from the one dude who said he would walk all over me at it and thus got his ass stomped.

The game itself, well it's hard to judge, as we found out over the 2 days that the machines were just modified computers inside a cab and that this was not going to be the same as the console and current arcade version of the game, the reason we knew it was an emulator in a cab? well M.Bison's (Dictator) E.X. Headstomp crashed 2 of the cabs at one point which was pretty funny, as for my opinion, i just think the move is that powerful :D. The games play style however is a mixture of SF2 and SF3 with new elements thrown in, the game's cast consists of the classic SF2 cast and bosses and plays similar to the old SF2 game with elements such as E.X. moves taken from SF3. If you have not been following the game, the game also introduces several new fighters into the Street Fighter mix:

C.Viper from America, a female secret agent who's on the trail of Shadowloo.
Abel from France, an Ex-Shadowloo member who has lost his memory.
El Fuerte from Mexico, a aspiring cook and Lucha libre wrestler, apparently his name means the strong one.
Rufus from America, a obese karate practitioner who seeks to defeat Ken masters
Seth of S.I.N., the man in charge of Shadowloo's weapons department.
Gouken from Japan, the Master of Ken and Ryu who was Rumored to have been killed by Akuma/Gouki.

Visually the game looks amazing, it looks realistic yet at the same time keeping that street fighter feel we have all grown to know and love. the backgrounds are slightly reminicent of that of the older games such as the Chinese street and the railworks and such, typical locations for the characters in the SF series. Being a Zangief fan i can totally aprove of the Ultimate Final Atomic Buster, a the Jiggle affect of Rufus's belly beats the snot out of any of the DoA engines on jigglyness ;). The game play was good however, as previously stated the game was emulated and not on a board, the game did lag and slowdown during certain moves and animations, running bear grab was a great example, however this isn't a problem on the regular arcade and (so i am told) console version of the game.

well it wasn't much, but it will do for my liking, i will post some extra pictures at the bottom that we're taken, pardon the quality but it was the best we could do.... well my brother could do should i say since i didn't take any photo's but....meh sod it, i can't be bothered to explain.

Later people.

P.S. The extra images


  1. good work dude. 3 more days!

  2. sounds like you had fun! knew meadowhall was good for something!

  3. Aye, it was like a dream come true to be honest :D


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